The Gospel Messages

You exist because God wants to give you an opportunity to live in a place where no evil exists and only love rules. Moreover, he wants you to have a spectacularly wonderful life that is filled with goodness and joy forever. This is the gospel (good news) message that Jesus Christ brought from his Father. This study explains this awesome, wonderful message that almost no one has heard in over 1900 years.

An introduction to the five gospel messages and answers to the following questions:

    • Why have these messages been a mystery to most people since they were taught by the early church?

    • What are the five messages?

    • What is meant to be accomplished through the gospel messages before Jesus Christ returns?


A short explanation of the God family, who God the Father is, the relationship between the Father and Jesus Christ, and the reason God the Father sent the Creator God to earth with a message for humanity.


A short historical review of the hopelessness of the human condition under the law of God until the advent of the Messiah.


One of the great mysteries of the Bible is the gospel message. There are many opinions as to what the message is. However, most Bible students agree that the message concerns Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God. The gospel is indeed about these two things, but it is much more. This study reviews the beginning of the gospel message in the garden of Eden and reveals what the true gospel message is about, what the counterfeit gospel is, and who teaches it.


The Creator God had always offered grace, mercy, and peace to his people; however, after he came to earth as Jesus Christ, he made known and offered a different kind of grace, mercy, and peace. This grace, mercy, and peace is offered by Christ's heavenly Father and it is spiritual as well as physical. This study presents an explanation of God the Father's grace, mercy, and peace that he offers to those who will hear and heed his message today, after the return of Jesus Christ, and for all eternity.


An insight into who Jesus was, the new agreement that he brought to national Israel, the true meaning of his crucifixion, what his function in the Kingdom of God is today, and what his sacrificial death means to all of humanity.


This study shows why God the Father grants salvation to those who believe his good news message and in the sacrifice of his Son, and why the prophets, Jesus, the apostles, and the early church all proclaimed the good news message of salvation as the only hope of life after death.


A detailed explanation of the call to salvation and the process that an individual must go through in order to become a child of God and eventually be born into God the Father's Family and Kingdom as a spirit-being.


For centuries, professing Christians have been repeating the part of Jesus' model prayer that says, "Your kingdom come. Your will be done in earth, as it is in heaven" without having the slightest understanding of the awesome implications of what these words mean. This study reveals what the Kingdom of God truly is, what this part of the gospel message says about God's intervention in human affairs, and what it says about all of the nations on earth coming under the control of God the Father.


This study explains exactly what the great commission really is, who will proclaim the gospel message in the end of the age, to whom the gospel message will be directed, and what will be accomplished by its proclamation.


The true gospel message was not a popular message when Jesus preached it, when the apostles and the early church preached it. Moreover, it is not a popular message today. Jesus Christ was crucified for preaching it, most of the apostles along with many others were persecuted and murdered for preaching it, and many will be persecuted and murdered before Jesus returns for preaching this truly astounding message. This study shows why the persecution of the elect of God is a self-fulfilling prophecy, why Jesus said that anyone who truly follows what he taught and proclaims the same message will be persecuted, betrayed by their own families, friends, and fellow believers, hated and even murdered.


A detailed chronological analysis of the meaning of the anointing of Jesus by a woman at Bethany, the reason why what this woman did must be recited as a remembrance of her whenever the gospel message is proclaimed, and why what she did is an integral part of the gospel message.


A chart that cross references the four gospel accounts of Jesus' anointing at Bethany, which shows the chronology of the events.