Become Immortal

The magnitude of the opportunity and reward that God the Father offers to those he calls to salvation through repentance, baptism, and conversion is almost beyond the ability of human comprehension; nevertheless, what God offers can be obtained by those who are willing to repent and become obedient to his way of life. These studies show the method and the steps that are required to become a son of God the Father and a brother of Jesus Christ in the holy and divine Family of God.

True repentance is extremely important because it is the first step in the process of receiving salvation. If a person is not truly repentant, he/she will neither receive God's spirit nor be saved. There are many different ideas and beliefs as to what repentance means, what repentance is, and how one goes about the process of repentance. True repentance comprises far more than just being sorry for having sinned, feeling remorseful, saying a few words, and participating in a ritual. This study explains the special nature of the Father's call to salvation and what true repentance is and is not.


The baptismal ceremony is not done for the purpose of becoming a member of a physical organization; it is for the purpose of becoming a son of God in the Family of God. This study explains the baptismal ceremony and its various steps. Moreover, this study shows that baptism is the process by which a person makes and ratifies an eternal agreement with God the Father and Jesus Christ, and that upon completion of the final ritual of the baptismal ceremony, a person becomes a son of God the Father and a brother of Jesus Christ in the holy and divine Family of God


There are many different opinions as to what the New Creation is. Many people believe that being a new creation simply means giving one's heart to the Lord, which somehow makes a person different. However, a truly converted person actually becomes a creature that is different from other human beings. This study reveals what the Bible actually says about the sons of the New Creation


Some people believe that, after they are baptized and receive the spirit of God, they are not required to expend any further effort to obtain salvation. However, baptism by water and the holy spirit are only the first steps toward becoming an immortal spirit-being in the Family of God. This study shows that from these first steps, a newly converted person must begin to fulfill the purpose and responsibilities for which they have been called.


Throughout the centuries, there has been much disagreement and confusion as to who or what the spirit of God is. We live in an age in which most professing Christians believe that when the scriptures speak of the holy spirit, the spirit of God, the spirit, his spirit, the Father's spirit and Christ's spirit, the spirit of God that an ethereal, mystical essence, force, or power, which is beyond understanding is being spoken of. This study makes a detailed analysis of the spirit of God and shows that it is not a great mystery.

Almost everyone who seriously endeavors to serve the God of the Bible will most likely question their conversion at some point. Is it possible for you to know for certain whether or not you are truly a son of God? Is it possible to know if you have not truly been converted?

Yes. It is possible to know with certainty whether or not your conversion is valid and if you are truly a member of the Sovereign Father's holy family and nation of kings and priests. This study explains the biblical requirements for establishing a covenant relationship with the Sovereign Father and his Son and the biblical method by which a person can enter the Sovereign Father's holy family and nation. The study also provides a number of helpful topics and questions in order to help one evaluate one's conversion process and determine their present spiritual status with God the Father.