The 70-week Prophecy

The mysterious 70-week prophecy recorded by the prophet Daniel has baffled Bible scholars and theologians for centuries. Many have attempted to identify the beginning and ending dates of this prophecy using a continuous time-line from past benchmark dates. However, the problem with this is that the time allotted for the fulfillment of the 70-week prophecy has already passed and the prophecy has still not been fulfilled. This means that either the prophecy is false or the methods of calculation have been invalid.

Is it even possible to understand Daniel’s 70-week prophecy? In order to understand this prophecy one must use the correct starting point and understand that this prophecy does not have a continuous time-line; it contains two major events separated by a vast amount of time.

The 70-week prophecy begins with a decree to allow the Jews who were first captives of the Babylonian empire and then the Persian empire to return to Palestine in order to restore and rebuild Jerusalem and the temple. The issuance of this decree sets irreversible prophetic events into motion. The issuance of this decree fixed the year for the Messiah’s death and resurrection and revealed the sequence of events and the dates for the Messiah’s return, which will bring an end to human rule on earth and usher in the government of God that will rule over the entire earth.

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