The Bible

The Bible is the most widely published and read book in the world; however, almost everyone who reads this book seems to have a different opinion to what is contained within its pages. The following studies explain what the book is, why it was written, why a person should study it, and the various aids that will help to make the Bible understandable.

The Bible is the most widely published book in the world, but what is this book? Is the Bible pure mythology? Does the Bible hold the secret to the mystery of life and its eternal purpose? Is it the word of the Supreme Sovereign of all that exists? Answers to these and many other questions about this incredible book are found in this short study.


It is through diligent study that we are able to understand the true purpose of the Bible and unlock its many mysteries. Proper knowledge and understanding of the Bible is necessary for the spiritual growth and fulfillment of a person's calling to salvation and one's responsibilities to God the Father. This study gives some important information about how to approach the study of the Bible.


In order to make Bible study efficient, enjoyable, and worthwhile, a person should have the proper tools. This section presents several helpful publications with short comments about the information they contain.