God's plan for the salvation of humanity in the central theme of the entire of the Bible. The salvation of humanity is the reason that the Sovereign God sent the Creator God to earth to become the Messiah, to reveal the existence of the God Family, and to sacrifice himself for the sins of humanity in order for humans to enter the Family and Kingdom of God. These studies into God's plan of salvation reveal what the plan is and the method through which one can be saved from eternal death and become the Sovereign Father's spiritual son and live forever.

Death is one of the most terrifying realities of this human existence. This study reveals the biblical answer to how to live beyond this physical existence and into eternity.


Most of Christianity believe that there are only two categories of people on earth: the saved who are assured heavenly bliss and the lost who will be tormented forever in an everlasting hell-fire. This study explains why this is not the only day of salvation and why God the Father and Jesus Christ have not been trying to save all of humanity from the time of Adam to today.


A detailed explanation of the call to salvation and the process that an individual must go through in order to become a child of God and eventually be born into God the Father's Family and Kingdom as a spirit-being.