Eighth Day Festival

The seven-day festival of the seventh month is followed by another festival that is simply noted as The Eighth Day (Shemini Atzeret). It is a mistake to assume that this day is just an ending to the Feast of Shelters/Ingathering, because it is not. The Festival of the Eighth Day has its own separate and distinct meaning within God's plan for humanity. This study reveals how this festival points to an event that will occur after the plan for the salvation of humanity has been finished. 

This is an introduction and summary of the meaning of the festival of the Eighth day.


This study uses Bible numerics to discover the symbolic and prophetic meanings of many scriptures, which include concepts and relationships between the number 8 and the meaning of the Festival of the Eighth Day.


This study shows that the Festival of the Eighth Day is a celebration with many meanings that point to one final climactic event, which will end the physical existence and the order of things as we know them today. Moreover, this study shows that this festival also celebrates and pictures a new beginning at a time far in the future, past the millennial reign of Christ and the elect of God, and after the conclusion of God's plan for the salvation of humanity.