The Resurrections

Is physical death the end of human existence? According to the Bible, the answer is no! This physical life is not the end of human existence. There is another event that will determine the eternal destiny of each individual. This event is a resurrection from the dead. The resurrection from physical death to eternal life and the resurrections from physical death to another physical life is one of the central themes and promises of the Bible. These studies explain the four major resurrections of the Bible--who will be in them and when they will occur--and several related topics. This study also discusses several related topics.

A short review of the scriptures show that God has carefully designed a plan for humanity in order for every person to have an opportunity to obtain eternal life. The vast majority of people who have lived throughout history have died without ever hearing or understanding God's plan. However, the comforting truth is that the majority of humanity--past and present--are neither saved nor lost. They simply have not yet been given an opportunity for salvation.


This is an explanation of who will participate in the first resurrection, why the second death has no power over them, and why the first resurrections is the best of all the resurrections.


One of the most misunderstood topics of the Bible is the return of Christ. Most people do not begin to comprehend the magnitude of the events that will surround this climactic event or its importance in the overall plan of God for the future of humanity. This study explains the awesome events that will take place just before and during his return to gather the elect of God at the first resurrection.


Ezekiel 37 contains the prophecy of the valley of dry bones, which pertains to racial Israelites who have died through the ages. These Israelites will be resurrected to physical life at some point in time after the return of Christ in order that they may have their opportunity for salvation under the New Covenant. This study reviews the special circumstances and promises that God made to Abraham and the Israelites concerning their national destiny.


During the first thousand years of Christ's rule, the earth will be at peace and become a paradise--a world free of war, famine, disease, Satan, and his demons. It is during this time of peace and prosperity that the earth will be prepared for the billions of humans who will participate in the next phase of God's plan for the salvation of humanity. This study explains who will participate in this special resurrection and the reason for this resurrection.


The scriptures show that when wicked humans are punished with the second death; they will cease to exist from all dimensions of God's creation. Death is the absence of life; it is not existence in another form. When God administers the second death to the unrepentant, they will die for eternity and simply cease to exist. This study shows who will participate in this resurrection to death and when it will occur.


Most of Christianity believe that there are only two categories of people on earth: the saved who are assured heavenly bliss and the lost who will be tormented forever in an everlasting hell-fire. This study explains why this is not the only day of salvation and why God the Father and Jesus Christ have not been trying to save all of humanity from the time of Adam to today.


One of the most misunderstood subjects in the Bible concerns the state of the dead. The main barrier to gaining a clear understanding of this subject is the teaching that assumes humans have an immortal soul and at this soul either goes to heaven, hell, paradise or some place in-between, at death. This study reveals the true condition of the dead and solves the mystery of the rephaim that inhabit the grave.


The teaching of a secret coming of Christ is known to most as the Secret Rapture, and it is believed almost universally by professing Christianity. this short study discusses and documents the origin of this non-biblical teaching.