The Festival of Unleavened BRead

The seven days of Unleavened Bread were a part of the covenant relationship that God had with Israel. Any Israelite who did not observe this festival was no longer entitled to the benefits of the covenant relationship and was to be removed from Israel. This physical punishment foreshadowed the eternal punishment for those who disregard God's instructions concerning the real, symbolic, and prophetic meaning of leavening under the New Covenant. This study gives a detailed explanation of the past, present, and future meanings of this seven-day festival.

An explanation of the events leading up to the first day of this festival, the beginning of its observance in Egypt, and the literal and symbolic meaning of the seven days and the first and last days of this observance as it pertained to ancient Israel. (9 pages)


This study explains the Lift Offering (the Wave Sheaf Offering) that occurred during the Festival of Unleavened Bread and its historical meaning to ancient Israel, its prophetic meaning concerning Jesus Christ.This study also explains the significance of the two loaves of bread offered on the Feast of Weeks.


This study goes into detail about what has been written by the prophets and the apostles concerning the symbolic meaning of Egypt, leavening, and unleavened bread, in order to discover the literal and symbolic meaning of the Festival of Unleavened Bread as it pertains to the elect of God today.


It is clear from what is written in the New Testament that the Apostles and the early church taught the observance of the Festival of Unleavened Bread. It is also clear from the prophecy of Ezekiel 45:21 that these days will be observed after the return of Christ. This study reviews the teachings of the early church concerning these days in order to explain their meaning for today and for the future, after the return of Jesus Christ.


Questions, answers and comments about leavening products, preparation for the seven-day festival, and the important lesson that is learned from not eating leavening during these days.