Why Prophecy?

Among other things, the Bible is a historical record of the past, present, and future of humanity. Depending on who is doing the calculating, the Bible is composed of either two thirds or one quarter prophecy. Regardless of the exact percentage of prophecy contained in the Bible, biblical prophecy is simply history written in advance of the actual event.

Humans are trapped in this dimension of time and space and can only know the present and the past because these are the limits of human existence. Although humans attempt to look beyond the present into the future, the natural constraints of this physical realm make it impossible for humans to know with certainty anything that is beyond the past and present of this dimension of time and space. However, God is not limited to the past or the present, because his realm is outside these physical constraints. God created this dimension of time and space and has sovereign authority and power over its present and future existence. Not only does God have the authority to dictate and predict this physical realm’s future, God has the power to cause his predictions to come to pass.

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