The old and New Covenants

In order to gain a clear understanding of God's plan for the salvation of humanity one must understand that the basic elements of his plan have not changed from the foundation of the world. However, God has throughout history made a number of agreements within the overall framework of this plan which have different terms, conditions, and rewards attached to them depending on which phase of his plan the agreements was to be a part of. These studies explore the four major agreements concerned with God's plan for the salvation of humanity.

From the time of Adam and Eve to the prophetic times of the future, the Bible records that God has made and will make many different agreements and promises with many different individuals, tribes, and nations. In order to understand the foundational aspects of God's worship system and the logic behind the process by which one obtains salvation, an understanding of the foundational agreements that God has made is necessary. This study reviews agreements that God made with the Patriarchs, ancient Israel, the children of the New Creation, and national Israel of the future.


This study contains the basic outlines of the old and new agreements with national Israel and the Sovereign Father's agreement with the elect during the Gospel age of salvation.


After God delivered the Israelites from the slavery and bondage of Egypt, he offered them an agreement. Although this agreement superseded prior agreements made with the Patriarchs, it contained many of the terms, conditions, and promises from these agreements. This study presents an analysis of this first agreement and its foundational terms and conditions.


This study is an analysis of the new agreement with national Israel, which will take affect after Christ's return to earth and the descendants of Israel are brought to the land of their inheritance and formed into a world power to fulfill their national destiny and responsibility of being an example of God's way of life to the world.


This study analyzes the major differences between the new agreement that God will make with national Israel and the agreement that he makes with those who are called to salvation during the gospel age. This study also shows that the agreement which was established on Pentecost in 30 A.D. with the elect of God is a modified version of the new agreement with national Israel, and that it has better terms, conditions, and benefits.