Who is God?

The identity of God is, one of the greatest mysteries of the entire Bible and without understanding who and what God is, it is almost impossible to understand the awesome plan for the salvation of humanity or much else that is in the Bible. The following studies explain who God is, what the Family of God is, and the difference between the Sovereign God (God the Father) and the Creator God (Jesus Christ).

The identity of God is one of the greatest mysteries of the entire Bible. Without understanding who God is, it is very difficult to understand the Bible and the purpose for the existence of the human race. This study reveals who and what the God of the Bible is.


Before the advent of Jesus Christ, virtually no one knew that God the Father existed. For the most part, the Father who those of the ancient Israel knew and worshiped was the Creator God who became the Savior. This study examines the many things that Jesus said about his heavenly Father and their father-son relationship.


The exact moment in time when Jesus became the Son of God is a question that has perplexed many people throughout the centuries. This study examines the scriptures that reveal the many different aspects of Jesus becoming the Son of God the Father.


This study examines the three popular theories of Trinitarianism, Dualism, and Monotheism.