The Spirit World

Evil spirits do exist and people from every walk of life dabble in the spirit realm and make contact with evil spirits in various ways, but most of these people do not realize the tremendous danger and impact that these spirits can have on them, their loved ones, and other people around them.

The apostle Peter wrote: "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, walks about as a roaring lion seeking those he may devour" (1.Pet.5:8 KJV).

The apostle Paul wrote to the Church at Ephesus: "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places" (Eph.6:12 KJV).

Not knowing and understanding the dangers posed by evil spirits and how to counter this threat to your physical and spiritual life puts you in jeopardy of being abused by these powerful, intelligent, and extremely dangerous spirit-beings who roam the earth.

There are no magical formulas, incantations, or rituals that will allow you to win a battle with an evil spirit. The Bible is the only source containing the information necessary to win a battle against evil spirits.

The following chapters provide you with the information which is vital to understanding many biblical concepts and principles that are absolutely necessary to equip a person to do battle with evil spirits and be victorious over them. If you skip over the information contained in the following chapters, you will do yourself a great disservice

This chapter covers:

    • What exactly is demonic influence?

    • Why do evil spirits want to influence human attitudes and behaviors?

    • How susceptible is mankind to evil influence?

    • How is evil influence accomplished?

    • How can a person keep from being influenced by evil spirits?


This chapter outlines the biblical instructions which guarantee success in combating evil spirits. To successfully use the biblical instructions on how to prevent demonic influence, control, and possession, you must know the following:

    • Your enemy

    • Your enemy's capabilities

    • Your enemy's strategies

    • Your resources and weapons and how to use them

    • Your defenses and protections

    • How to resist


The Sovereign God has placed certain limits on evil spirits that prohibit them from destroying all mankind or controlling the minds and bodies of people at will; otherwise, they would have controlled and destroyed all of mankind long ago. Moreover, Satan and all other evil spirits must obey the authority of a person who is legitimately exercising the power over evil spirits that is given to them by their heavenly Father.

Neither Satan nor any other evil spirit has the ability to influence, control, or otherwise force anyone with a sound mind to take a course of action he or she is not willing to take. For someone who has a sound mind to be influenced or controlled by an evil spirit, they would need to put themselves in a situation that compromises their ability to resist.


Resisting and avoiding evil are life choices; either you choose to resist and avoid evil or you choose not to. For an evil spirit to influence, control, or inhabit a person's body, an evil spirit must be given an opportunity through either circumstances beyond a person's control or an open invitation. An open invitation is granted when a person is a willing participant in activities conducive to demonic influence and control, or when someone willingly uses or possesses items through which an evil spirit can manifest its influence.

In order to be proactive in resisting and avoiding evil, you must distance yourself as much as possible from people, things, and activities that are not conducive to righteousness. Moreover, you should be careful not to consciously tolerate, inadvertently entertain, or participate in evil or unrighteous behavior. This chapter contains what I believe to be the kinds of people, places, and things which should be avoided in order to minimize the opportunities available to evil spirits in their attempt to influence, control, or possess a person.


In today's world, the existence of evil spirits is either dismissed altogether or the danger they pose to humanity is ignored or underestimated. The Bible has much to say about these creatures from the spirit realm who can, if allowed, possess and control a human. The Bible describes evil spirits as extremely powerful and dangerous beings that should be dealt with accordingly. This chapter answers the following questions about demonic possession:

    • What is demonic possession?

    • What do evil spirits hope to accomplish by controlling a human?

    • Under what conditions can an evil spirit take control of a human?


The removal of evil spirits from individuals by Jesus Christ and those to whom he has delegated this authority is well documented throughout the New Testament (Matt.17:14-18; Mk.16:17-19; Lk.10:17-18). It is also very clear that, unless a person is authorized to remove evil spirits, they place themselves in great danger if they attempt to do so (Acts.19: 13-16).


The Bible is a book that deals with the physical and spiritual dimensions of time and space and many of the things that concern communications and interactions between them. Much of this information is extremely important to the Father's elect children who will live during the last few years before Christ's return because of the increased number and activity of evil spirits who will inhabit the earth at that time and because these spirits intend to destroy the elect of God. Therefore, it is vitally important for a Christian to know and understand something about the communications and interactions between the physical and spiritual dimensions of existence. This study is an overview of communication and interaction with God the Father, Jesus Christ, and their servants and powers, and communication and interaction with Satan and his servants and powers.


In the instructions the Creator gave Moses about the construction of the tabernacle and everything to be used in it were instructions regarding the ephod, breastplate, urim, and thummim which the high priest was to use as he performed his priestly duties. This chapter focuses on the ephod, breastplate, urim, thummim, and the teraphim which are all mentioned as being used to communicate with the Creator.


Throughout human history, people have used objects that are either drawn out of a container or cast upon a surface in order to seek advice from the spirit world, make choices, predict future events, or gain insight and knowledge about things and events that are beyond the normal capabilities of people to gain through natural means. The Bible has much to say about the uses of these methods of seeking advice, insight, and knowledge from the spirit-realm of existence. This study explores what the Bible has to say about the drawing and casting of lots and why the early church used lots to receive knowledge and insight from God.


What really happens to humans at death? Are they alive in another dimension, or do they cease to exist? If you study the Bible and believe what it actually says, these questions can be answered truthfully.


Did the Witch of Endor possess some supernatural power which enabled her to actually reach across the barrier between this physical universe into the spirit realm and summon Samuel to communicate with Saul or was the being with whom Saul spoke just an evil spirit impersonating Samuel? Do certain people possess the power to communicate with the dead? Are the dead really alive in another dimension of existence?


The Bible gives many keys to understanding how to test the spirits in order to determine if a person, spirit, or influence is good or evil. Because almost all opposition to the Father, Jesus Christ, and the children of God comes from the influence of evil spirits, it is extremely important for God's elect to be able to discern the difference between a good and an evil spiritual influence (1.Cor.2:11-16).

This study shows many of the keys to testing a spiritual influence in order to determine if it is good or evil. Moreover, this study shows how to use these keys to resist and overcome an evil influence.


This chapter contains the following general interest topics, questions, and answers about angels and spirit-beings:

    • Angels' Knowledge of God's Plan For Mankind

    • Do Angels Work on the Sabbath?

    • Do Angels Have A Language?

    • Who Are the Elect Angels?

    • Are There Female Angels?

    • Do Angels Marry in the Heavenly Realm?

    • Why Do Angels Praise God?

    • Is it Possible for Angels to Sin?