The Spirit of God

Throughout the centuries, there has been much disagreement and confusion as to who or what the spirit of God is. We live in an age in which most professing Christians believe that when the scriptures speak of the holy spirit, the spirit of God, the spirit, his spirit, the Father's spirit and Christ's spirit, the spirit of God that an ethereal, mystical essence, force, or power, which is beyond understanding is being spoken of. This study makes a detailed analysis of the spirit of God and shows that it is not a great mystery.

This study compiles and categorizes much of what the scriptures say about the spirit of God and it makes some logical assumptions and conclusions as to what the spirit is, what it does, what part it plays in God's awesome plan and purpose for humanity, and how to use the spirit once a person has access to it.


This study examines many of the different attributes, qualities, functions and power of the holy spirit, some of the attributes and abilities that each of the elect is given at baptism, and some of the additional specialized authorizations and powers that are given to the elect for the benefit of the church and its work.


This study shows how to sustain spiritual growth through using and increasing the power of the holy spirit. Furthermore, this study shows how the fruits of the spirit are manifested in a person's life to the degree that a person yields to the Father's will, is subject to the influence of the holy spirit, and exercises the holy spirit in their life.


A detailed examination of many references that speak of the spirit of God, the spirit of the Father, the spirit of Christ, and the holy spirit residing within the child of God. And an easily understood explanation of the indwelling of the holy spirit, the spirit of God, the spirit of the Father, and the spirit of Christ within the children of God.


The subject of where God places his presence on earth is vitally important to all who seek to worship and serve him. The place God can be worshiped and served is where his presence is. This study shows where God's presence dwells on earth today.


This is a short list of important questions and answers about the spirit of the Father and Christ, the holy spirit, and gifts of the spirit.