Why Humans?

Why did the Sovereign God create anything? And especially why did he create humans which are uniquely different in many ways from all other life forms on earth?

Where is the Church that Christ Built?

It seems strange that most of the various congregational associations of Sabbath observers base their beliefs and lifestyles on the Bible, yet they differ in how they perceive what is written in this book. Most people who claim to worship the true God believe that their particular religious philosophy and practice is more correct than most other congregational associations; otherwise, they would worship somewhere else. Is one biblical philosophy or religious practice more correct than another? Why is there so much confusion and chaos among the various congregations of Sabbath observing people? What really caused the demise and disappearance of the early church that Christ built? Where is the church that Christ built? Does it exist today? If you want to know the answers to these and other important questions concerning the Sovereign Father's true church, click on the link above.

Laying on of Hands

Some might think the ritual of laying on of hands as strange and unnecessary during this gospel age of salvation. However, hands and the hand are mentioned over 400 times in the Bible as having specific meanings and results attached to their use.

Throughout the biblical record the right, left, or both hands are used as an allegory or metaphor, and often play an integral part as a symbolic acknowledgment or confirmation of an event that has or will happen. However, the use of the hand or both hands is many times more than an allegory, metaphor, or symbolism and there are many biblical accounts showing spirit-power being projected through the hands to accomplish perceivable and tangible results in the physical realm.

So what are we to learn from the scriptures that show the uses of the hand, hands, and the laying on of hands as instruments through which authority and spirit-power are exercised?

Visits to Christ's Tomb

There has been much confusion about the sequence of events surrounding the preparation of spices and the visits to Christ's tomb, because there seems to be no chronological order to these events as recorded in the gospel accounts. This study provides a plausible sequence of events by reviewing these events in four segments: 1) the timeframe; 2) Jesus' burial; 3) the women's spice preparation; and 4) the visits to the tomb.

Cure for Doctrinal Disunity—Discipleship & Stewardship

Why is it that the Sovereign Father's earthly family and holy nation is mostly dysfunctional and suffering from a lack of doctrinal unity during this age?

Believe it or not, the primary reason that this condition exists is that, the vast majority of the Father's earthly family, including its spiritual leaders are not obeying Christ's departing instruction recorded in Matthew 28:19-20.

Why is this instruction being disobeyed?

The primary reason for failure to obey this instruction is that, the true meaning of this instruction is seldom understood and taught by those to whom it is given.

Why is it that most spiritual leaders who know or sense the true meaning of Christ's departing instruction are afraid to reveal or teach this truth? Could it be that most fear the personal consequences of revealing and teaching the awesome truth hidden deep within this instruction?

The only way these two questions can be logically answered, is to know and understand the true meaning of Christ's departing instruction.

Our new study, Discipleship and Stewardship presents some surprising information about the true meaning of Matthew 28:19-20 and reveals a little-understood and practiced cure for the doctrinal chaos and organizational disunity within the Father's earthly family and why the vast majority of spiritual leaders who profess to teach biblical truth are afraid to teach this truth.

We think you will be delighted with the knowledge and understanding you will gain from this study which explodes most present-day theories and teachings about what it means to be a disciple and a steward within the Sovereign Father's earthly family and nation of kings and priests.

This study is an opportunity for you to gain an understanding of some little-understood principles that can enrich your personal relationship with God the Father and Jesus Christ.

This study is also an opportunity for you to exercise your stewardship and your concern for your brothers and sisters in our Father's family by sending each one you know a copy of this study along with a personal note voicing your concern for their well being and spiritual growth.

The writer to the Hebrews gave this instruction to all who truly desire to practice love for their fellow brothers ad sisters in the faith: "Let us consider one another to provoke to love and to good works" (Heb.10:24 KJV).

Jesus' Final Week Timeline

Charts outlining the final week of Jesus' life on earth.


The majority of professing Christians today believe the Bible teaches monogamy as the only acceptable form of marriage and that polygamy violates God's law concerning marriage. But is this really what the Bible teaches, or is this just a popular cultural opinion? This study clarifies the legality of polygamy from the biblical perspective and answers some conceptual questions about the polygamous marital relationship.

The Beard Law

One of the many laws the Creator God gave to Israel that had to do with holiness was the law requiring men to wear beards.

Leviticus 19:27 and 21:1-5 are the only two texts that give clear instructions concerning the wearing of a beard by Israelite males of the general population and by the Levitical priesthood. The following are the specific prohibitions and requirements of this law:

    • Israelite males are prohibited from marring the corners of an existing beard.

    • A Levitical priest is prohibited from shaving off the corners of an existing beard.

All other references concerning the beard have to do with control of infectious disease, ritual purification, various prophecies, and events which mention the beard in the context of an object lesson.

There is little doubt that most adult males of ancient Israelite, as well as the Jews of Christ's time wore full beards in compliance with the law regarding beards noted in Leviticus 19:27 and 21:5. And there is no doubt that Christ and the apostles of the early church also wore full beards in compliance with this law.

Deacon and Deaconess: an Office or a Service?

The Sovereign Father's earthly family and holy nation of king-priests was structured around the apostles and a council of elders. These men were responsible for the doctrinal integrity of the church under Jesus Christ (See Acts, chapter 15). As dynamic as this church was, however, it virtually disappeared from history after the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.. From 70 to 120 A.D., there was very little recorded about the true church of God. When historians began to write about the church again, they wrote of a dramatically different church from the one that embraced the teachings of Jesus Christ and the apostles. Today, we find churches that call themselves Christian yet the vast majority do not even faintly resemble the early church.

In most churches that claim to follow the example of Christ and the apostles, individuals are ordained to an office of authority as a deacon or a deaconess and become an integral part of the organization's governing body. However, is the practice of ordaining a person to an office of authority as a deacon or a deaconess as practiced in most congregations of the elect what the apostles intended, or is this practice a perversion of what they set forth as a function and a responsibility among the elect?

The Holy Ones and God's Law

All people must make decisions concerning their personal attitude, behavior, and life, but only the Sovereign Father's earthly children must make daily decisions that affect their eternal existence. These everyday decisions concern their personal attitude and behavior toward other people, their heavenly Father, and their Savior.

Every choice, thought, and action of each child of God is being weighed against the empirical laws and standards that the Father has set in place to govern the attitudes and behaviors of those who are a part of his sacred realm.

There is no dispute among historians that the Father's elect of the first century closely followed the worship system that the Jews followed and conducted their lives in compliance with most of the laws contained in the Torah. However, as the centuries passed and the teachings of the early church faded and then disappeared, there arose many differences of opinion among those whom the Father called to worship and serve him in regard to what was expected of them in attitude, behavior, and physical and spiritual compliance to his laws, precepts, and principles.

Today, there is much controversy and confusion over how to worship and serve the Sovereign Father and his son and how to live a holy lifestyle; therefore, many of the elect resort to emotion to determine their individual beliefs on the subject.

Will the Father accept worship and service to him as long as one is sincerely trying to please him or does he expect his people to worship and serve him and conduct their lives in a very specific manner?

The answers to these basic questions are easily found and are not confusing if a person is willing to search the scriptures and allow the holy spirit to guide them into all truth. See Jn.16:13.

The Sacred Calendar and the New Moon

For many years, there has been much discussion and controversy among those of the Sovereign Father's earthly family, who acknowledge the New Moon and celebrate the commanded observances, as to the correct method to use in determining the first day of each lunar month.

We have just completed an in-depth study into the most popular opinions and the historical evidence concerning how to determine the appearance of a biblical new moon. This information is presented in a logical straightforward manner and does not require that one be a Bible scholar or well versed in the Hillel II calendar, astronomy, or mathematics in order to understand the major issues surrounding this subject.

This dissertation explores the root cause of the controversy and makes an analysis from a perspective that is outside the oral law as set forth by those who sat in Moses' seat of authority over Israel.

False Conversion

Almost everyone who seriously endeavors to serve the God of the Bible will most likely question their conversion at some point. Is it possible for you to know for certain whether or not you are truly a son of God? Is it possible to know if you have not truly been converted?

Yes. It is possible to know with certainty whether or not your conversion is valid and if you are truly a member of the Sovereign Father's holy family and nation of kings and priests. This study explains the biblical requirements for establishing a covenant relationship with the Sovereign Father and his Son and the biblical method by which a person can enter the Sovereign Father's holy family and nation. The study also provides a number of helpful topics and questions in order to help one evaluate one's conversion process and determine their present spiritual status with God the Father.

Formal Worship Formats for Small Groups & Individuals

Although it can be a wonderful and fulfilling experience to associate and worship the Father with his elect children, in the final analysis, one's walk with the Father and Jesus Christ is an extremely personal and individual matter.

When formal worship of Father and Jesus Christ with other members of the Father's family on the Commanded Observances and Holy Convocations is extremely difficult, dangerous, or impossible because of circumstances beyond one's control, what does one do to fulfill their obligation to observe these days in a formal way? The answer is to perform one's own private, but formal worship of the Father and Jesus Christ on these days.

In order to help groups and individuals formulate a plan whereby they can make the worship of God the Father and Jesus Christ a more meaningful, beneficial, and pleasurable experience for the Father, his Son and individuals, we have created a useful guide to formal worship that contains several formats along with instructions.

Personal and Collective Works

What are the personal and collective works that are required of members of the Father's royal family and priesthood? This is a very difficult question to answer because it is an intensely personal question, which requires much meditation and study into the Father's will for his children and much personal introspection by one seeking an answer. Many of these answers are found in our study "Personal And Collective Works".

Is the New Moon A Crescent or a Full Moon?

Early this year, a dear friend challenged my belief that ancient Israel began their months with the crescent moon. I reviewed what I had written and found that indeed there was some very important information that I should have put into the study in order to settle the question once and for all. To access this update, click on the link above.

Are There Still Elders in the Church?

Some believe and teach that the early church did not have an organized ministry that selected men who were given authority through the ritual of laying on of hands to supervise, teach, and govern congregations in an official leadership capacity. Some also believe and teach that men identified as elders in the early church were not spiritual leaders, but were just older men with no official capacity. This article explains why there must still be men being selected and given the responsibility to guide and teach true believers in the path of righteousness and in the performance of the work of the church.