Chronological Events of the First Passover

Nisan 1st NEW MOON

    • Ex.10:24: Moses and Aaron meet with Pharaoh.
    • Ex.10:28-29: Prophecy of Pharaoh's death.
    • Ex.11:8: Moses leaves the meeting with Pharaoh in anger.
    • Ex.11:1: God tells Moses about the last plague.
    • Ex.11:2-3: Moses is told to tell the Israelites to collect the spoil from the Egyptians (see Ex.3:21-22).
    • Ex. 11:4-7: The destruction of the firstborn and Israel's protection is foretold.
    • Ex.12:1-2: The month Nisan is the beginning of months.
    • Ex.12:3-5: The Israelites are instructed to select a lamb on the 10th day to be kept until the 14th day.
    • Ex.12:6: The Lamb is to be sacrificed on the 14th day.
    • Ex. 12:7-11: The instruction for the Passover ceremony and meal.
    • Ex.12:12-13: The destruction of Egypt's firstborn is foretold again.
    • Ex.12:14: The day the Israelites leave Egypt is to be remembered as a memorial.
    • Ex.12:15-20: The Festival of Unleavened Bread is explained. 10th The Lamb is selected for the sacrifice.

10th The Lamb is selected for the sacrifice.




Sundown on the 14th

    • The 14th begins at sundown at the end of the 13th day of Nisan.

Sunrise 14th

Noon 14th

    • 3 P.M. 14th —Ex.12:2122: Moses gives the order to kill the lambs. (Ex.12:6).

14th —Ex.12:28: The lambs are slaughtered between the two evenings of the 14th/15th


    • 15th —Ex.12:29: The Death Angel kills the Egyptians' firstborn (Ex.11:4-5).
    • 15th —Ex.12:30-33: Moses and Aaron are ordered by Pharaoh to leave Egypt.
    • 15th —Ex.12:34: The Israelites begin to leave Egypt at night (in the early morning of the 15th).

Daylight 15th

    • Ex.12:37: The Israelites camp at Succoth after traveling all day on the 15th (Num.33:5).


The Passover is a continuous ceremony that occurs at the end of one day and the beginning of another.

By B.L. Cocherell b5w32