After being plagued many years with prostate swelling, which I could not cure with my knowledge of natural healing methods, I opted to have surgery which seemed to cure the problem. But, the surgery only masked the underlying cause of the problem and eventually the swelling returned along with intermittent prostate bleeding. Fearing that this was a life threatening problem and not having any success finding a cure with traditional medicine, I ask a friend and fellow elder to anoint me with oil and pray for healing. Although I fulfilled what I thought to be the instructions of the apostle James (Jms.5:14-15), I was not healed. However, with the use of prescription medication over a period of time, the bleeding stopped, leaving the swelling to intermittently return and subside.

Do I believe God heals? Yes, I do. I believe without reservation that the God I worship and serve is all powerful, compassionate, and will fulfill his promise to heal his earthly children. I have personally seen and participated in the instantaneous healing of several individuals and have been healed of serious physical problems a number of times myself. So, why was I not healed of the prostate problem after following what I thought were the apostle James' instructions?

This question began to bother me for a couple of reasons. First, I had noticed for many years that some people were healed when attempting to follow the apostle James' instructions and some were not. Second, someone asked me why so many of the elect suffer from chronic and terminal illnesses, but I had no answer.

In order to answer these questions and come to an understanding of divine healing within and outside of the congregations of the elect, I made this study. Hopefully, you will find this study as worthwhile to you as it has been to me in coming to a greater appreciation of our heavenly Father's love and concern for us and the rest of humanity.

Historically, there have been two distinct purposes served by the act of healing: 1) Compassion or evangelism; and 2) To benefit the elect.

It is important to understand the distinction between the process of restoring health to the unconverted and the process of praying for the elect who are ill and anointing with oil by elders within the Father's earthly family of king-priests.

Healing of the unconverted is an act of mercy and compassion, which sometimes accompanies the proclaiming of the Father's good news message and his coming kingdom. Healing within the church is for the benefit of the elect.

This study covers the following topics in a progressive sequence in order to remove some misconceptions about healing within the congregations of the elect and lay a foundation for an understanding of the apostle James' instructions for the Sovereign Father's earthly children to follow when requesting healing:

    • The Blood Covenant
    • Procedures and Rituals
    • Seven Questions and Answers About Healing
    • Healing During Christ's Ministry
    • The Holy Incense and Prayer
    • Laying on of Hands
    • Anointing Oil
    • The Olive Tree and Olive Oil
    • James 5:14-20—Procedure and Ritual

Each of these topics contain valuable information which is necessary to understand why God allows supernatural healing, the instructions for healing, the methods to be performed for healing, the rituals which are a necessary part of the healing process, and how and when healing can be expected after a person requests healing according to the instructions given by the apostle James.

By B.L. Cocherell b8w16-1