Knowledge and understanding of the authority and power that is granted through Jesus Christ and his position as high priest and the supreme spiritual leader of God the Father's elect children on earth is extremely important, because it is an essential element in the proclaiming of the Father's good news message, serving in the body of Christ, and practicing Christianity.

This study explores many of the authorizations of spiritual power that are given to the Father's elect children through the office of Jesus Christ and other major issues concerning the use of these authorization. ( 5 Documents)


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In the Name of Jesus Christ

The apostle Paul introduces his first letter to the church at Corinth by acknowledging them as the Father's elect children who have the right to call upon the name of Jesus Christ. He also acknowledges that they are the recipients of spiritual gifts from the Father through Jesus Christ.

This study focuses on the meaning of the phrase 'in the name of Jesus Christ' and how it applies to communication with God the Father and the use of his spirit-power; moreover, this study shows the importance of Jesus Christ's name to the elect of God who live in the end of this age and why and how the power of the holy spirit is to be used by the Father's children through the authority of his Son. (30 pages)  b8w10


Delegated Authority and Power

The elect of God have been given the authority to communicate with the Father, and petition him with requests. In some instances, the elect have the authority to use his power to perform a work for him. Because of this, it is important for the elect to clearly understand how the delegation of authority and power is administered by the Father.

This study reviews a few of the many accounts that show people being delegated authority and power by Jesus Christ and how they used this power over the physical and spiritual dimensions of existence and how these authorizations of spirit power through the use of Jesus' name apply to the elect today. (14 pages)  b8w11


Authorizations of Spiritual Power

People tend to categorize supernatural acts as either spectacular or not so spectacular, but in reality the power of God and how it functions is awesome and beyond human comprehension. Supernatural acts cause things to happen which would not happen in the normal course of events. Supernatural events are the disruption of the physical universe through the use of a source of power from outside our dimension of time and space. This study explains what this power is, where it comes from, who controls it, and how those authorized to use this power are to use it today and during the end of the age just before Christ's return. (10 pages) b8w12


The Use of Authority and Power

This study reviews the New Testament examples concerning the healing of physical illness and how to deal with evil spirits to illustrate how the Father's elect children are to use and invoke their authority and power through the use of the name of Jesus Christ. (7 pages)  b8w13


Power Over Evil Spirits

In today's world, the existence of evil spirits is either dismissed or the real and present danger that they pose to humanity is underestimated. The Bible has much to say about these creatures from the spirit world, and it describes them as extremely powerful and dangerous beings that should be dealt with accordingly.

Evil spirits clearly understand the authority that the children of God have and do not have over them. They also understand that God is a God of law and that all things must be done in accordance with his law and within the boundaries of a fixed set of rules. This study explores the rules that determine how to deal with evil spirits and the Father's children's authority over evil spirits under certain circumstances. (12 pages)   b8w14